About Us

International NewGen CO ( I.N.G ) is a leading reproductive and genetic technologies to breeders looking to advance and extend superior genetics. This company was formed in spring 2022 and is one of the companies in providing services related to new techniques of  livestock breeding and genetic.



New Iranian Green Thoughts Company (N.I.G.T)

N.I.G.T Company was established in 2004 and is the exclusive representative of the above-mentioned companies in Iran and the region.


Ranjbaran Dairy Farm Group

Ranjbaran dairy farms has been established around Tehran since 1955 and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the Ranjbaran family, which is considered as one of the largest producers of milk and meat, which produces more than 50 tons of milk daily. The goals of this animal husbandry include:
1) production of raw milk at the rate of 100 tons per day,
2) production of meat and establishment of beef cattle breeding,
3) production and breeding of heifers for export

Ranjbaran Farm group1
chalta farm

Chalta farm Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Complex

Safari animal husbandry and agriculture complex in Chaltasian village has 8000 milking cows .This dairy farm unit is the largest and most modern dairy farm unit in the province, which is built according to international standards.

International New Gen CO

International New Gen CO ( I.N.G ) is a leading reproductive and genetic technologies to breeders looking to advance and extend superior genetics.
I.N.G  is a livestock breeding and genetic company in producing (Semen and Embryo) in conventional and sexing, Cloning livestock, Genomic Testing, data interpretation, Embryo Transfer , In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), education, Breeding services import and export of live animals, consulting to livestock breeders, and import & Exporting genetic material and services.


International New Gen CO ( I.N.G ) is as the Exclusive Representative of the American companies (TRANS Ova Genetic, JLG Enterprize, Global Ag Alliance, Bovi Trac, Cutting Edge Genetic) as well as Exclusive representative of Hunland company (Netherlands) and Natural Gen from republic of Czech in Iran is ready to supply any type of livestock, Embryos and frozen Semen, including sex determination in different breeds of cattle, as well as providing all breeding services to farmers inside and outside Iran which has also provided in  years of experience in this field in accordance with the agreements reached with the mentioned companies and in order to transfer technologies as well as up to date knowledge of breeding.